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Asset Management and Trust


We’ve been preserving the assets of New Hampshire families since 1867 when asset management meant establishing a savings account. Today the available savings and investment tools are vastly different, but our philosophy is the same—to earn your trust through dedication and hard work and to handle your money with prudence.

Investment Management

Our investment officers listen carefully to both your concerns and financial objectives and then, with your specific needs in mind, create a customized portfolio of individual stocks and bonds crafted to ensure that your goals are attained. We design portfolios to achieve your goals and, at the same time, we strive to manage the risk associated with the particular investment strategy developed to meet those goals. Growth at a reasonable and acceptable level of risk is our philosophy.

Retirement Planning

You have worked hard and saved to provide for your retirement. Now is the time to manage the assets to fund your retirement. Needless to say, we also place a high level of importance on the retirement planning process. Our basic strategy in this area is to gather and weigh all your assets together—IRAs, your 401K, employee benefits and Social Security benefits—with the goal of providing you the income stream for a robust retirement.

Financial Planning

At the core of our business is financial planning. It should be your first priority as you plan your financial future. Based on your desired goals, which we can discuss together, we can develop either short- or long-term strategies, or a combination of both. Sensitivity will be given to how your plan will affect retirement and estate planning. Additionally, tax planning will be factored to make sure you retain the greatest possible share of your assets.

Trust, Estate and Fiduciary Services

In their fiduciary capacity, MillRiver trust officers ensure that your account is administered according to your desires or consistent with the terms of your governing instrument. We understand that being a trustee requires the technical experience of objectively interpreting documents and implementing tax sensitive strategies. We do so, however with respect for your intentions and a compassion for the unique nature of each client’s family and their circumstances. In addition to acting as a trustee, MillRiver offers an array of estate settlement services. With our long history of serving the community, we know that acting in a fiduciary capacity is only one aspect of our trust responsibilities. Our officers act as your point of contact for all of your financial needs, customizing their role to meet your individual needs and objectives and providing you with peace of mind.

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Please note that all investment and insurance products and services are:

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