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Switching to The Merrimack

Why Switch to The Merrimack?

  • Quality Customer Service
  • Community Partner
  • Local Bank
  • Full Service
  • Economical
  • Multiple Ways to Access Your Accounts
  • Merrimack Style

Print out these forms to assist you to:

Helpful Hints When Switching Your Checking Account to The Merrimack:

  • If you are transferring your account from another financial institution, we recommend that you maintain accounts at both financial institutions until any automatic payments are complete and fully activated on the new account.

  • For specific information regarding the exact date an automatic payment transfer will become effective, we suggest that you contact the organization that generates the automatic payment.

  • Be sure to update any online bill payment service with your new account information.

  • The organizations that generate automatic payment OR direct deposit may require you to complete additional forms. Be sure to ask them.

  • If you are transferring to Merrimack 24 Online Banking and Bill Payment from another bill pay service, we suggest printing out all the information on your payees, including name, billing address, your account number, and payment amount (if recurring) so it will be easily available to enter into Merrimack 24 Online Bill Payment. Remember to discontinue any recurring payments on your previous service, and reestablish them with Merrimack 24.

  • If you need a hand with these details, any customer service representative would be pleased to help. They are all well-versed in the steps you need to make for a smooth and happy transition.

Steps to Take When Switching Your Checking Account to The Merrimack:

  • Open your new Merrimack checking account

  • Make sure all checks have cleared on the account to be closed

  • Make sure all debit card transactions and automated payments are completed on the account to be closed

  • Send written notice to your direct depositors (payroll, social security, dividend payments) of the change in your bank and account number. Use the form provided above to assist you.

  • Send written notice to transfer or cancel any automatic payments. Use the form provided above to assist you.

  • Close your former bank account. Use the form provided above to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Merrimack!