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Mobile Web Banking FAQs

  1. What is Mobile Web Banking? A service that enables you to access your account information, conduct transfers, and pay and manage your bill payments from any mobile device that has Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan.
  2. What does Mobile Web Banking cost? Mobile Web Banking from Merrimack County Savings Bank is free, but you are required to subscribe to a data plan through your wireless provider. You should check with your wireless provider if you aren’t sure whether additional fees might apply.
  3. Is Mobile Web Banking currently available to all users? Mobile Web Banking is available to all Merrimack24 Online Banking users that own mobile devices with Web browsing capabilities and that subscribe to a data plan through their wireless carrier.
  4. Will Mobile Web Banking work on my mobile phone? Mobile Web Banking will work on any mobile device with Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan through a wireless carrier.
  5. Which mobile service providers support this service? The service works on all major mobile providers in the U.S., including but not limited to:
    • Alltel
    • AT&T
    • Cellular One (Dobson)
    • Nextel
    • Sprint
    • T-Mobile
    • US Cellular
    • Verizon Wireless
    • Virgin Mobile
  6. How does Mobile Web Banking work? From a mobile device with Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan, all you have to do is open a browser and enter The Merrimack’s URL (e.g. or to access our website and Online Banking login links. Click on Personal or Business Online Banking, and you will automatically be directed to the mobile banking site. (The service is not available for Online Cash Management.)
    Enter your user ID and Password—the same you use for Merrimack24 Online Banking—and select the Log In button. No separate or different registration is required. Answer any additional security questions (if needed), then select the Continue button to access Mobile Web Banking. Once logged in, you can:
    • Access Your Accounts—the Mobile Web Banking experience is virtually the same as Online Banking, although on a smaller screen.
    • Pay Bills—you must first register and set up your payees/billers on a computer before utilizing bill payment through mobile banking.
    • Make Transfers—you must have more than one account on Merrimack24 Online Banking for this functionality to be available on mobile banking. This function is between Merrimack accounts, not between different banks.
  7. How many transactions can I see on my phone at a time? When you select an account name link on the Accounts tab, up to 15 transactions display for the last 10 days—use the vertical scroll bar to see all of your transactions. If more that 15 transactions occurred during that time period, select the More History button to view the rest of your transactions.
  8. Can I see transactions for a different time period? Yes, just use the Change Date Range ‘to’ and ‘from’ fields, entering the date as mmddyy with no punctuation, then select the Go button to get the transactions.
  9. Can I change account on the Transaction History page? Yes, locate the dropdown field below the Change Date Range fields, then select another account from the list. The display will refresh to show recent transactions for the new account.
  10. Can I locate the transaction details? Yes, just locate the dropdown field below the Change Date Range fields, then select another account from the list, The display will refresh to show recent transactions for the new account.
  11. What different kinds of funds transfers are available? On the transfer tab you can enter an immediate transfer between your accounts using the Transfer Now feature. Or to schedule a future transfer, use the Schedule Transfer link.
  12. Can I see scheduled transfers on my phone? Yes, select the View Scheduled Transfers link on the Transfer tab to see up to 10 transfers scheduled over the next 30 days. If you have more than 10 transfer scheduled, just select the View More button.
  13. Can I change or remove a scheduled transfer? Yes, you can do both. On the Schedule Transfer page scroll down and use the Edit Scheduled Transfer link to change the Amount, From Account, To Account or Date for any future dated one-time transfer. Or you can use the Delete Scheduled Transfer link to remove a future dated one-time transfer.
    Note: You can delete but not edit a recurring transfer.
  14. Why can’t I access the Bill Pay tab? The Bill Pay tab is only enabled for users that have signed up for Bill Pay with Online Banking on a personal computer and have set up one or more payees (people or companies you want to pay). When you are ready to make payments on your phone, selecting the Bill Pay tab will open the Make a Payment tab.
  15. Can I register for Bill Pay on my phone? Sorry, not at this time. You have to access Online Banking using a personal computer, find the Bill Pay button and enroll there.
  16. How do I make a payment using my phone? Select the Bill Pay tab and review the Pay From account (to change it, select another account from the dropdown field and select the Change button). Then select a payee name from the list and enter the Amount of the payment and the date to send/deliver the payment (as mmddyyyy) then select the pay button. A confirmation message is then displayed, select OK (or Submit) to continue.
  17. Can I see pending payments? Yes, select the Pending Payments link on the Make Payment page to see up to 10 pending payments closest to today’s date. Use the vertical scroll bar to view all 10 payments or select the View More button to see additional payments.
  18. Can I remove a pending payment? Yes, on the Pending Payments page scroll to the payment you want to remove and select the Cancel link. Then confirm that you want to delete the payment.
  19. Can I change a pending payment? Yes, on the Pending Payments page scroll to the payment you want to change and select the Details link. On the Payments Details page select the Edit button. Then change the amount, payment date, pay from account or payment category as needed and save your changes.
  20. Can I see completed payments on my phone? Yes, select the Payment History button on the Make a Payment page. You will see the most recent 10 payments that have been made. Use the More History button to see additional payments, a maximum of 90 day in the past. The details provided include the payee name, payment date, amount and ‘From’ account.
  21. How do I log out? When you’re ready to log out, select the Log Out button at the top right of the page to exit Mobile Web Banking and you will return to the Login screen.
  22. Are my challenge question answers case sensitive? No, your challenge answers are not case sensitive (e.g. Pine is the same as pine). However, they must be in the same format that was originally used (e.g., 1/2/10 is not the same as 01/02/2010 or Jan 2, 2010). Try to select answers that only you know and ones that you should be able to remember.
  23. Is a password needed for Mobile Web Banking? Yes. From your mobile device, all you need to do is login the same as you would for Merrimack24 Online Banking, using the same login information you do for Online Banking. No separate Mobile Web Banking sign-up is required.
  24. I have disconnected my mobile phone number. Will Mobile Web Banking work on it? For Mobile Web Banking to work, you must have a mobile device with Web browsing capabilities and active data plan through a wireless carrier.
  25. Is it safe to bank using the Mobile Web Banking service? Yes. to protect your privacy, you are required to authenticate yourself, using the same information from Online Banking, on each individual mobile device. And all communication between your mobile device, wireless provider and the mobile banking server are encrypted. In addition, your passwords, answers to challenge question and account information are never stored by the mobile device or in the Mobile Web Banking application.
  26. What does the “Remember this phone” checkbox do? Selecting the Remember this Phone checkbox activates extra security for your phone so you don’t have to enter the security challenge questions when accessing Mobile Web Banking from that phone. You also have the option to Remove extra security from this phone, if needed, when you get inside Mobile Web Banking.
  27. My session timed out pretty quickly, can I change the timeout value? Five minutes is the only timeout option. For your security and protection, when there has been no account activity for five minutes, the session times out and displays the Mobile Web Banking login page with a Session Expired message.
  28. Are there any limits to the number of transactions I can make? The only limitations are those already in place for savings or money market accounts per banking regulation:
    • “The following types of transactions are limited to a total of no more than six per month: 1) transfers from a Merrimack statement savings or money market account to another Merrimack account by pre-authorized, automatic, Merrimack24 Online Banking, or Telephone Banking transfer; and 2) external transactions to or from a third party. Accounts which exceed these transfer limitation will be assessed a fee, and if transfer limitations are repeatedly exceeded, we may close the account.”
  29. My business uses online Cash Management. Do you have mobile Cash Managaement? No. Mobile applications currently function only in the Personal and Business Online Banking platform.
  30. Can I access Finance Works through Mobile Web? No. Not at this time.
  31. Is help available through my mobile device? For help regarding Merrimack County Savings Bank’s Mobile Web Banking service, contact Customer Service by phone at 800-541-0006 (Mon – Fri, 8:00am – 5:00pm, Eastern Time) or email us (Do not send personal and private information such as your account or social security number via email.) For help regarding your mobile device and/or wireless Internet connectivity, contact your wireless provider.
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