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Warning: Fraudulent Debit Card Text Message Alerts

We have received several reports of local residents who are receiving fraudulent text messages from telephone numbers beginning with 844. The fraudulent message appears to be a "DebitCard Alert" and asks that the recipient call the 844 telephone number the text message came from. Individuals that do so are then asked to provide sensitive personal and financial information.

Merrimack County Savings Bank does employ a fraud monitoring system that alerts customers by text message when an unusual debit card transaction is detected. These text messages will always come from the text message short code 32874, and contain the last four digits of the card number as well as details about the suspicious transactions. Customers receiving a legitimate debit card fraud alert from us will only be asked to reply indicating if the transaction in question is fraudulent or authorized.

If you ever receive a suspicious text message, phone call or email asking you to provide personal or financial information, please do not respond and contact us directly at 800.541.0006 for assistance.

If you have provided your personal information in response to a suspicious call, text message or email, please contact us immediately so that we can assist you with protecting your account and preventing identity theft.

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