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New Update to Merrimack24 Mobile App Now Available

A new update is available for the Merrimack24 Mobile app that includes important upgrades to ensure the app is compatible with the upcoming release of Apple iOS 10 this fall. We recommend updating to the latest version of the app, 5.2.5, prior to upgrading to iOS 10 to ensure there is no interruption to your mobile banking access.

In addition to these compatibility updates, the latest version of the app also includes a new Forgotten Username & Password feature for both Apple and Android. This feature allows you to recover forgotten login credentials right from the mobile app in the same manner you can recover your login credentials within online banking.

The following device-specific enhancements are also included in the 5.2.5 release:

Apple (iPhone/iPad) Mobile App Enhancements

  • 3D Touch (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) – The iPhone version of the mobile app is now compatible with 3D Touch technology. Press down on the app icon for a list of quick actions (Transfers, Bill Pay or Check Deposit) and you will be brought directly to that feature after logging in. Within the app, press on a particular account or mobile deposit for a pop-up “peek” view of account history or mobile deposit transaction details.
  • Landscape View (iPhone)– Similar to the iPad app, the iPhone version of the mobile app is now automatically adjusts to landscape orientation.
  • Split Pane View (iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and iPad) – The iPhone and iPad versions of the mobile app has been updated to allow for Split Pane viewing when the device is held in landscape orientation. This feature provides a side by side view of Accounts and Account History on compatible devices.
  • Slide Over and Split View Multitasking (iPad) – The iPad version of the mobile app has been updated to include multi-tasking functionality, allowing users to run two apps side by side. To use this feature when multiple apps are open, drag the black vertical divider to resize the portion of the screen the banking app is using. If only your banking app is open, drag the screen divider and a list of apps that also support multitasking will appear for you to select from.

Android Mobile App Enhancement

  • Visual Refresh – The Accounts summary and Account History page have undergone a major refresh to ensure visual consistency across all mobile apps. A floating transfer icon now appears in the bottom-right corner of the Account History screen to allow for quick access to this feature.

The next version of the Merrimack24 mobile app, 5.3, is expected to be released some time later this fall. This app update is expected to include additional enhancements, such as Push Notification functionality and Android Fingerprint ID.

We appreciate your patience with us as we continually work to provide you with the latest in convenience banking technologies. If you need assistance or would like to make a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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