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Attention Samsung Galaxy Users: Beware of New SwiftKey Vulnerability

You may have already heard reports of a new vulnerability in the Samsung SwiftKey keyboard, a new exploit targeting SwiftKey keyboards pre-installed on multiple models of the Samsung Galaxy, including the S5 and S6. The vulnerability makes it easy to detect updates over unencrypted lines, in unencrypted text, allowing attackers to gain system privileges and obtain private information such as bank login information.

If you use a Samsung Galaxy phone, we recommend that your device is configured to automatically receive the security update from Samsung, which should be available soon. If you have questions about the security update, please contact your carrier. We also recommend that you minimize the use of unsecure wireless networks for private information, such as mobile banking, until the security update is available.

Please refer to additional resources listed below:

Samsung has also issued a statement regarding this vulnerability and is in the process of developing a patch. It is recommended that your mobile device be configured to automatically receive security updates.

As a security best practice, you should only access private information over a secure wireless network.

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